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Lady, Lady, I Did It!
by Ed McBain 87th Precinct Series

Interesting read. It's a story that looks at the personal side of a crime that affects a hardened detective and his coworkers in the precinct. Ed McBain is the master of the police procedural novel. The reader should keep in mind that this novel was written in 1961, so some of the laws between then and now have changed and yet, on another level, the crimes are not so different from what goes on today. An interesting twist in what happens in the story.

by Robin Cook

Well, somebody had to read it. Actually this book was published in late 2018, before the COVID outbreak. It's a great story, mildly prophetic in parts, in light of all we're going through right now. The ending is happier than what we're going through at this time. I also realize that this is the 11th book in a series involving the major characters, so I will probably be reading other books in this line, but going to go back to the beginning. This story is well written, well thought out and sounds like current news.

Every Breath
by Nicholas Sparks

I love Nicholas Spark's books. He is such a captivating writer. I really enjoyed how he took us down this emotional rollercoaster in Every Breath. Some characters you love and others you dislike and have strong objectional feelings creep up. But regardless, this is a very easy read and another wonderful work provided to us from Nicholas Sparks.

We’re All Wonders
by RJ Palacio

We are all different and you have to be nice

Pig The Slob
by Aaron Blabey

Pig is being lazy and gross

Thelma The Unicorn
by Aaron Blabey

Thelma is really a pony

The Crayons Book Of Numbers
by Drew Daywalt

You have to find all of Duncan’s crayons. Pink is my favorite

Pig The Star
by Aaron Blabey

Pig gets squashed by a rocket

by David Mcphail

The girls are the same and different

Bullfrog Grows Up
by Rosamond Dauer

Bullfrog gets to big and has to leave
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